What is Elder Mediation?

Elder mediation helps people resolve conflicts that can arise with life transitions around growing older. AgeQuake is a family-friendly process that honors peaceful solutions, focused discussions and concrete plans that are unique for your family’s situation. Our facilitators help you voluntarily resolve current problems and help you be prepared for future concerns before they overwhelm you.

How is Elder Mediation unique?

Most family mediation sessions involve two parties, our meetings often include a few people, to a dozen or more.  Your family decides who you want to attend.  While most family mediation sessions focus on one topic – divorce, commercial, or civil – our sessions often focus around multiple topics, which is common during life transitions.

How we help

We do the work, so you can focus on problem-solving. First, we meet with you to discuss the purposes of the meeting. Next, we coordinate your meeting by talking with everyone you want to invite, explain the meeting and answer questions. We find out people’s availability and arrange a time and date that’s convenient. When we hold meetings is the family’s choice – days, evenings, or weekends.

How we work

At your meeting we guide you through the process, and it’s all confidential. Our facilitators keep the meeting focused, keep the peace, take notes, offer suggestions, answer questions and write up the plans. We don’t tell you what to do; we help you find out what will work for your family.  You’ll find that our facilitators have life experiences that resonate with many of the situations you may encounter.

Our support continues

More than 90% of our families only need one session to create their plans. If you need or desire a second meeting, there’s no additional charge during the first year. We are available to answer questions prior to the meeting, and for one year after the meeting, again, with no additional charges.

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