Facilitated family meetings are safe places to discuss hot-button concerns while remaining confidential, creating hope, and reducing stress. The plans your family puts together improve safety and care by identifying resources and responsibilities. We bring people together to listen to concerns, worries, and needs. Your plan can help keep family members informed and up to date.

Look to AgeQuake when someone in your family needs help. When life changes and transitions upset your family, let our family meetings bring more comfort, safety, and peace of mind to your situation. Here are some concerns we specialize in to assist you now, and in the future.

Physical concerns:

For many families, a change in a loved one’s medical needs, or overall health, is a signal the family needs to pitch in. Maybe one person is carrying the burden of caregiving and it’s become overwhelming? It could be that dealing with daily activities and needs has been increasing, and someone needs more help? These changes often cause family friction and worries.

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Emotional concerns:

As most people grow older, they often worry about their future. How do these worries and changing needs impact housing, transportation and caregiving options? How do we bring more peace of mind for ourselves and our families by talking about finances, health care directives, and other documents? How do we let people know how we wish to be treated as our health declines or we reach the end of our life?

Old and new issues

What do you do about issues returning or bubbling to the surface? Family conflicts, the need for more compassionate communication, and a society not fully open to LGBTQ issues are just a few of situations we’re skilled at helping your family talk through. The need for discussing multi-generational living arrangements and grandparents raising grandchildren are two other situations we have experience helping families resolve.